An exchange for outreachers across New South Wales

TAFE Outreach

TAFE Outreach programs ensure NSW education is accessible to people who face barriers to learning. Barriers to learning include geographical and social isolation, language and cultural factors, financial hardship, lack of educational confidence, being unaware of opportunities to learn, a disability or family commitments.

TAFE Outreach Coordinators talk with communities, government and industry to determine the location, length, time and type of course needed. Courses may include units from a range of vocational courses, depending on the needs of local groups.

Papers, Reports & Research

TAFE Outreach works within an adult education theoretical framework with strong links to academia through a range of professional associations.

Partners in Learning & Community Enterprise (PLACE) Project

PLACE was initiated by TAFE Outreach section, Sydney Institute of TAFE NSW and funded by the Australian Government, Innovation Fund of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). The major partners included Housing NSW, City of Sydney, Marrickville Council, Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) now Koori Job Ready, University of Sydney, WEAVE (formally South Sydney Youth Services), Inner Sydney Region of Councils Social Development, Matthew Talbot Homelessness Services, Community Restorative Centre and local community agencies.

Fruitful learning ecologies: Building effective partnerships AVETRA 2011, Jude Cooke, Patricia Kenny, Nola Randall-Mohk TAFE NSW read more

Traditionally TAFE Outreach partnerships have been built on longstanding relationships and often emerge through organic processes that are articulated in current learning ecology theses derived from Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model of human development (1979). The paper explores practices within Australia and in other countries to inform future directions.

NVEAC Equity Blueprint

"The Equity Blueprint is a comprehensive analysis of the VET system from an equity perspective that was developed by NVEAC through extensive consultation across Australia over 12 months. The Equity Blueprint sets out the policy direction for disadvantaged learners across the VET system for the next five years (2011-2016) through six reform areas."

TAFE Outreach Reponse to NVEAC Equity Blueprint
Creating Futures: Achieving Potential through VET 2010 read more

Comments from four TAFE Outreach Cordinators in South Western Sydney and Sydney Institutes on the National VET Equity Advisory Council’s (NVEAC) Draft Equity Blueprint. TAFE NSW Outreach was initiated in 1976 as a direct response to the Kangan Report in 1974. This represented a change in approach as it emphasised the need to reach and involve in education people who were disadvantaged in accessing TAFE. There are 45 TAFE Outreach centres across urban and rural NSW as well as TAFE Outreach distance learning provision at OTEN

Embedding Participatory and Transformative Learning in Curricula from social exclusion to social inclusion - Patricia Kenny & Jude Cooke read more

This paper examines TAFE NSW's Outreach provision and how we continue working against the tide of pressures from within and outside the organisation to provide meaningful educational opportunities to people in our communities who have barriers to accessing education, community engagement and employment. (Published in: new community quarterly, Critical Pedagogy, Popular Education and Transformative Learning in Higher Education, Volume 7 Number 4, Summer 2009 http://www.newcq.org/)

Hard men and women educators

Mike Newman talks about his favourite hard men and women educators. Not great sound quality but inspirational words. Download by right clicking and choosing Save Target As or Save Link As to save the file on your system.